Welcome to the website of iDousyn

Hello, welcome to the official iDousyn website, on this website you will find information, images and videos about the application, as well as its news and updates. iDousyn is a Keyboard Instruments App, standard which was designed for all people who want to, compose music.

/ June 27, 2018

AudioCopy support for iDousyn

AudioCopy allows you to copy an audio file and then paste it into another audio application, this tool is very useful when you want to transfer an audio to another place, and thus facilitate the audio transfer automatically without having to do it manually.  

/ June 26, 2018

Upload your audio file to SoundCloud

This video shows how to upload your audio file to SoundCloud and how to change the cover image and the name of the audio file. SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform in which all users can collaborate, promote and distribute their musical projects.

/ June 26, 2018

iDousyn 2.2 | Audio Editing, Inter-App Audio (IAA) with Garageband

This video shows how to make an audio edition in GarageBand using iDousyn 2.2 as a recording instrument. Thanks to InterApp-Audio (IAA) you can achieve the connection of both applications.

/ June 26, 2018